We get by with a lot of help fromOur Friends

We try to work with our friends when we can. Meet our friends (and their small businesses) that make our small business possible.


Mirror Image Farms

Mirror Image Farms is the real deal. They integrate natural principles into the way they farm, letting each animal live a healthy life on the pasture. This not only makes for happy animals but a happy earth that makes happy pastures for nutrient-dense animal proteins…which makes happy meat for happy sandwiches.

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Cows in a pasture

Myer Springdell Farm

Myer Springdell Farm is family-owned and operated by Paul and Angie Myer. They take the natural approach to raising cattle, ensuring the health of each animal over a 2½-year process. From birth to finish on their farm, to our grills and sandwiches, and finally to your belly, there is endless care and pride each step of the way.

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Brogue Hydroponics farm
Greens & Herbs

Brogue Hydroponics

Since the early 1980’s, Brogue Hydroponics has been providing chefs in Lancaster and York counties with the best produce and garnishes. They take great pride in their greens and herbs, harvesting several times a week for optimal freshness. Brogue is one of the many partner farms that make it easy for us to do what we love and help supply you with killer grub.

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Fox meadows ice cream and scooper
Ice Cream

Fox Meadows Creamery

With a strong history of farming starting in the 1950’s, our friends at Fox Meadows Creamery churn out the best ice cream. When crafting our plan for thick and creamy milkshakes, we knew we needed the best ice cream base around. Their happy cows make our milkshakes happy too!

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kitchen staff preparing a sandwich

Commissary Kitchen

The Commissary is a kitchen and bakery that provides the vehicles for our tasty creations. The buns and bread are what we are talking about here, and this stuff is top-notch and local!

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